One for the Birds

06.11 – 12.12.2015


Galerie Mikael Andersen would like to welcome you to the opening of the exhibition One for the Birds  with new works by German artist Fritz Bornstück and British artist Lucy Teasdale, Friday the 6th November 2015, 5-7 pm.  

In this exhibition artist Fritz Bornstück applies the western painting tradition of the still life to create vivid, yet serene assemblages of various everyday objects. He places these objects within deserted landscapes; some are cheerful seascapes, others dark and indecipherable. 

The paintings can be described as bastards; they subvert tradition to form something new, something ambiguous. While the spatial depth of the painting is rendered in oil, some of the central and most crucial objects and forms are collaged into the works. This contrast of depth and texture gives Bornstück’s paintings a feeling of immediacy with a lively, almost hectic ambiance. 

Even though they are mostly composed of banal everyday items, Fritz Bornstück's still lifes hold secrets: big ones, little ones, weird ones. Their manifestations are riddles that feed the viewer’s imagination, while refusing to give away too many answers. Instead the narrative is left open to interpretation.  

Like Bornstück’s paintings, Lucy Teasdale’s sculptures fluctuate between representational and something much more cryptic; they retain a distinct familiarity whilst at the same time remaining detached. Beginning with the artists chosen source material of various miscellaneous found images, in this new series of works Teasdale abstracts them to create her own three-dimensional visual language. 

Teasdale’s preoccupation with movement and balance is apparent in these works; cast in bronze and acrystal, they have a harmonious tension and fluidity. Sometimes, within the process of forming the sculptures from clay, foreign materials work their way into the sculptures, for example the clean line of a curved piece of wood. Once cast into monochromatic forms they create a tactile contrast between smooth and rough surfaces.

Fritz Bornstück (b. 1982) and Lucy Teasdale (b. 1984) both live and work in Berlin, Germany. Bornstück received his education at Universität der Künste, Berlin (2005-2009) while Teasdale began her studies at the Chelsea College of Art & Design, London before studying at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She graduated in 2010. 

Photo credits: Jan Søndergaard