Astrid Kruse Jensen

Between the Real and the Imaginary

08.10 – 27.11.2010

In her exhibition Between the Real and the Imaginary the Danish artist will show photographic works, video and installation.


Astrid Kruse Jensen’s photographs are conceived through the encounter between dark and light – in the twilight zone between the illuminated and the hidden, between the real and the imaginary. They are taken at dusk and at night because she mostly uses the ambient light sources on locations. The intensity of the light and the details of the darkness are the product of a long exposure. Darkness assumes both fullness and softness, allowing a wealth of visual impressions to take shape.


Between the real and the imaginary also means between the strange and the familiar. Thanks to the artificial lightening, her photographs not only express the alienation between man and nature, they also succeed in portraying the artificial and the natural as inseparable elements. The visitor is tackled about a transformation where imagination collaborates with memory and where one cannot separate reality from imagination.


The topic of memory is also present in the installation shown in the gallery. The installation is part of a project called “Disappearing into the past”. The log-built “play houses” are constructed on the idea of the aesthetics of the playgrounds created by kids themselves. The houses appear narrow and without access. They become a metaphor for our memories, our repressions and the idea of oblivion.


Astrid Kruse Jensen will have a solo show in January 2011 at Stedelijk Museum’s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands.