Kasper Bonnén

Indretninger i hukommelsen

13.10 – 19.11.2000

It is with great pleasure that we introduce Kaspar Bonnén (b. 1966) with his first solo exhibition since he graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. Kaspar Bonnén’s art has a strong character and displays a new original approach to the artistic work. Kaspar Bonnén graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 1999 and drew already as a student deserving attention to his work through innovative exhibitions at for example the Albertslund Townhall, in the artist run gallery Kørners Kontor, at the Street Sharks Biennial, and trough his cooperation with the artists Tal R and FOS.


Kaspar Bonnén’s work is developed in the field of his own life and the conception of space in a wide sense, ranging from specific and physical spaces to the abstract ideas of space. This subjective stance and objective position meet in different materials. In installations where he tries to build up his own space or virtual place. In paintings where different spaces blends in confusion of spaces. Often his work is based on simple reactions on how certain problems meet him. In a sense everything is based on our shaping of the space and the surroundings we live in.The exhibition presents new paintings, furniture, drawings and photos.