My Love for You is Like a Japanese Car

30.09 – 06.11.2010

The German artist Fritz Bornstück (b. 1982) will exhibit new works: paintings, sculptures and installations. At the opening he will do one of his musical performances.


Materials and ideas from Bornstück’s immediate surroundings are his inspiration along with his beloved trash also known as ”trashures”. The paintings consist of several layers of paint which creates a unique depth and tactility. The sculptures consist of cans, old card board boxes, fried plastic dolls, and the green milk boxes which you can find in supermarkets. Together with the paintings they create a special narrative. Bornstück splits his narratives up in order to spread the story onto more paintings. You can either follow it around the gallery space or create your own story.


Music is of great interest to Bornstück and the exhibition can be seen as an eclectic record with joyous and melancholic songs – or as an advanced mixtape you would give to a loved one. The absence of people in the paintings is a theme close to Bornstück’s heart. The people were there at some point, but all that there is left in paintings are the things they left behind.


Water is another large theme in Bornstück’s work circle for the show. A large part of the paintings can be described as underwater stilleben, where trash, cars, CDs, and everyday stuff dance a silent ballet. The water is partly a comment on the current climate debate but it goes deeper than that. Water has a cleansing effect and is almost cathartic. It washes away but also reveals. In that sense water is both troubling but also calming.


The exhibition is produced in the gallery’s studio house in Vejby, where Bornstück stayed for July and August.