Kristian Devantier

Time Out

03.03 – 08.04.2006

Kristian Devantier paints coloured fields. Clearly defined coloured fields, which are brought to life and turned into figures that tell stories on the canvas. It is at once tightly stylised and highly imaginative. A figure consists of a head, a torso, a pair of legs but has no facial features and not to many superfluous details. Simple as a pictogram or a playmobil figure with no eyes or mouth.

Kristian Devantier’s tales stand out clearly despite the simplicity and the subtle use of narrative elements. One is tempted to say that these are stories, which belong to everyday life and it is indeed here much of the inspiration comes from. The subjects are the couple in the double bed, the playthings in the playroom and the artist himself as dj. It seems familiar at first sight. But if one looks closer it is not everything that is as it should be.


Devantier has filtered the impressions he has taken in and has chosen new ways of putting together the building blocks. The mood in the playroom is for example not the best. Anna’s doll is in Teddy’s power and the other toys are attacking in an attempt to liberate her. The fruit tree sheds its fruit but there is also a human head lying by the foot of the tree. Even in the orgy there is something not quite right. We see a mess of tangled legs but apparently no one are switching partners as all the heads are neatly arranged by colour at the bottom of the picture.

Nevertheless, this is not a universe the spectator should be afraid of entering. On the contrary one is bid welcome into Kristian Devantier’s colourful world and invited to finish the work oneself. It is the spectator herself who must place the eyes, nose and mouth on Devantier’s figures. Sometimes it is ones own facial features that end up in the field with pink paint. And you are suddenly the one sitting opposite your partner in the double bed and has it all. Or whatever it is you have.

A small catalogue has been published in connection with the exhibition.