Jens Birkemose

Works 1970 - 2011

29.03 – 05.05.2012

Jens Birkemose has through more than 40 years tirelessly produced art in various media. The exhibition “JENS BIRKEMOSE works 1970 – 2011” at Galerie Mikael Andersen is a seldom opportunity to get an impression of Birkemose’s long work.


Despite the chronologic approach, it is not the goal of the exhibition to give a full survey of Birkemose’s art or to draw a consistent outline of his long artistic production. The exhibition will rather present separate incidents from Birkemose’s oeuvre, between which new lines of meanings and connections can rise. Many of the works in the exhibition have not before been shown which also makes it a presentation of new nuances in Birkemose’s art.


Jens Birkemose originally studied classical music, but started working in the realm of visual art during the 1960’ties. Birkemose has spent most of his professional life in France, but has recently moved back to Copenhagen. Birkemose’s art is widely represented in museums, among others the Danish National Gallery and ARoS in Århus.


Jens Birkemose is right now also exhibiting a selection of his photographic works at Museum Jorn in Silkeborg (the former Silkeborg Kunstmuseum). On this occasion an illustrated catalogue has been published with a text by Morten Søndergaard.