Squelette de l’esprit

23.05 – 01.07.2006

'Small Helmet' or 'Structure of the Spirit' is the name of one of the sculptress Sonja Ferlov Mancoba’s most powerful sculptures from 1984. The French title 'Squelette de l’esprit' is the starting point for an exhibition of seven young graduates from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen as well as the guests Elina Merenmies (Finland) og Catherine Island (Germany).


Condensation and powerful spiritual figures are a common characteristic in the work by these new artists. From the focus on fairytale narratives in contemporary art over the recent years, now a space of its own beauty is being created where the poetic machinery of psychology has prime status. The exhibition includes video, drawing, bronze sculpture and painting and is an attempt at mirroring a new tendency in contemporary art in dialogue with the grand space of tradition.


'Squelette de l’esprit' is thus a challenge for the viewer who dares to see more than meets the eye.The exhibition is curated by professor at Royal Academy of Fine Arts Erik Steffensen and coincides with the Royal Academy’s graduation show 2006. The participating artists are: Ferdinand Ahm Krag, Zven Balslev, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Catherine Island (DE), Elina Merenmies (FI), Daniel Milan, Fie Norsker, Pind, Stefan Rotvit and Majken Schultz.