group show


11.11 – 17.12.2005

The group show Experiment presents new work by talented, young artists, whose work contributes to the current redefinition of the term experimental art. From meditations on pornography executed in sequins, Experiment presents its visitors to works such as the film ‘Headlock Conversations #2’, a carrot explosion and the three feet tall clay sculpture ‘Mutti’xWhat is experimental art? Traditionally, it has been the privilege of the avantgarde to experiment with art and its different meanings.


From modern manifestos through to our days’ digital programmes, the experiment has been engaged with the exploration of shape and matter’s influence on human existence. The experiment is identified as a particular language, which is often provocative in its unfamiliarity and its perpetual breaking away from established norms.Facing the massive influence of global, visual media, contemporary experimental art necessarily presents itself softer and less provocative than previously. Rather, as the pop artists of the 1960’s made clear, the artist must translate expressions of commercial culture into his own work in order to shape more profound and subjective reflections of the surrounding world.


Eksperiment presents 11 young artists who not alone experiments with their respective genre and medium, but also with form and content in relation to the global images of their day. Comics, film and the internet’s media bombardment form background to some of the meanings and mythologies that are tried out in the works on the exhibition.Eksperiment presents works by the following artists: Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum, Svend Balslev, Søren Thilo Funder, Jacob Vinamata Jessen, Charlotte Bergmann Johansen, Sofie Hesselholdt & Vibeke Mejlvang, Tommy Petersen, Annesofie Sandal and Lars Tygesen. Eksperiment is curated by Mads Damsbo.