Astrid Kruse Jensen

Parallel Landscapes

27.10 – 02.12.2006

The exhibition introduces a series of new, photographic landscapes, which each unfolds a reflection on nature as subject for our human mirroring in the world. With the romantic longing for woods and mountains as metaphor for human emotions and moods of mind, we see a return of nature as a concern in contemporary art.


Here nature has, in ever more theatrical and fantastic forms, become an image of our subjective self-reflection. Without ecological connotations, but with a strong utopian nerve, nature appeals to a rediscovery of the self, that is by now under pressure of the conformizing currents of the contemporary media-culture.


With her photographic landscapes, Astrid Kruse Jensen takes the spectator to an encounter with him- or herself. By using the light as exclusive features in otherwise dark evening and nightscapes, the artist creates a play of contrasts that only gradually allows the landscape to emerge as contours in the photographs. In the direction of the light, behind the windows of the isolated houses, a narrative is suggested that only comes alive in the mind of the spectator. And in this space between reality and imagination the spectators own story evolves as a parallel to the unfinished one in the photograph. On the occasion of the show, Astrid Kruse Jensen publishes the book Selected Works.