New Lead Paintings & Sculptures

26.10 – 24.11.2001

It is a pleasure to be able to open the doors to a new exhibition with the work of Günther Förg. The works have all been created during Förgs stay in the new studio house in Vejby Strand. A house which has been designet by Henning Larsen.


The exhibition will contain paintings on lead. A proces that Förg has been working on through the years. In the paintings he uses a very simple and minimalistic imagery, a kind of alfabet which he has used through his entire production.


In the exhibition you will also find a series of sculptures cast in bronze. The sculptures have very characteristic shapes, which brings images of icebergs to mind. The sculptures will serve as the formal contrast to the simple and minimal leadpaintings.Along with the exhibition a book by Lars Morell about Günther Förgs bronze sculptures has been published. The bronze sculptures can among other places be seen in the sculpture garden at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.