Malte Urbschat / group show

Beyond the Horizon / Backstage

01.05 – 13.06.2009

With his exhibition Beyond the Horizon, Malte Urbschat will show new works in Galerie Mikael Andersen. Urbschat’s drawings, collages, objects, sculptures and installations focus on subjects such as disappointment and deceit, the omnipresence of surveillance, the phenomenon of lucid dreaming, the symptoms of migraine attacks and methods of hunting and tracking. Urbschat’s preferred materials in his expansive installations are mainly glittering or reflective materials such as foil, tinsel, tape, spray paint or Plexiglas which he then combines with natural elements and found objects: wool, empty bottles, feathers and twigs. Urbschat’s sculptures and installations consist of abstract figures whose conceptual arrangements create an inter-referential system that places demands on the associative imagination of the viewer. Every work implies multiple interpretations, yet retains a sense of mystery. Urbschat explores systems of information and everyday occurrences, debunking them with his own scientific method. His work reflects an examination of utopias and conspiracy theories and their narratives and methods of representation. By exploring conspiracies, Urbschat questions their originators and those who serve to benefit from them. Cultural myths, social phenomena and supposed truths are all reflected in Urbschat’s visual language. Malte Urbschat studied in Hamburg and is one of the initiators of the Forgotten Bar Project, which began in Berlin and has been shown in Milan, Turin, Stockholm and Cologne.


The group exhibition Backstage offers a preview of the future exhibitions in the galleries in Berlin and Copenhagen. Fritz Bornstück and Leonard Forslund will exhibit in the Berlin gallery in June, Sebastiaan Schlicher and Philip Grözinger will exhibit in Copenhagen in May. Works by Niklas Goldbach can be seen in January 2010 in Copenhagen and Lucy Teasdale will exhibit alongside Shara Hughes at the end of 2009 in the gallery in Berlin.