13.09 – 02.11.2013


The exhibition entitled Erbeutet shows paintings by Lucander (*1962) that oscillate between figuration and abstraction and explore, especially in his most recent works, the relationship between paintings and objects. When and how does a painting become an object? How are our perceptions influenced? How does a painting become a ‘fine art’ object?


In some of Lucander’s recent works the canvas has been removed and only the wooden frame and fragments of the canvas remain; these paintings, reminiscent of window frames, have been stripped of the area where one traditionally sees an image. Can a painting without a pictorial surface be made up of just a frame, like the ground plan of architecture?  


Extracting imagery from newspapers and magazines, Lucander integrates and transforms well known press images formerly bound by space and time. In this the artist humorously challenges, deconstructs and exaggerates our media viewing habits. These media images he works with become detached from the actual event, giving way to new forms and meanings that result in a completely new object. Or is it a new painting?


Robert Lucander lives and works in Berlin and is a professor at UdK Berlin. Along with this exhibition, the gallery will present works by Lucander at the art fair abc art berlin contemporary in September.


"Robert Lucander - Verborgene Geschichten" (Interview in ART Berlin)

Photos credits: Gunter Lepkowski