Astrid Kruse Jensen

Indefinite Spaces

29.08 – 26.09.2008

Indefinite Spaces alternates between reality and imagination, between abstraction and description. The landscapes in Indefinite Spaces are nighttime scenes. Surrounded by darkness only certain areas of the pictures are visible. Kruse Jensen stages her motifs in two different places. The two sites, both of which are in some way borderlands, are deceptively other than what they appear at first to be. The photographs are deserted, but they reveal traces of human activity. A fictitious world arises in Kruse Jensen’s photographs, a dramatization of a scenery that is both realistic and fantastical. This staging creates a transformative process in which imagination collaborates with memory. As a result, reality cannot be distinguished from imagination. The photographic landscapes create a sense of mystery and tension. Once the observer’s eye adjusts to the darkness, the photograph gains greater and greater depth and perspective. The emptiness of the night is filled with incidents that could, or could not occur. As the moment develops the portrayed scene becomes abstracted, and the photographs develop their own life and their own fictional story. In Indefinite Spaces the night becomes a fictional locus of moods, a place of unconsciousness.


The catalogue, ‘Selected Works by Astrid Kruse Jensen’ was published for Kruse Jensen’s 2006 solo show at the Galerie Mikael Andersen in Copenhagen. Photographs by Kruse Jensen were exhibited at the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin in 2007.