Jesper Christiansen / Shara Hughes / Eddie Martinez

Living in a Box

14.03 – 26.04.2008

Galerie Mikael Andersen is pleased to present works on paper by Jesper Christiansen, Shara Hughes and Eddie Martinez in the show Living in a Box. The show presents three distinct ways of examining space. How does an artist portray emptiness? When will emptiness feel eerie? Why does a scene seem cheerful? Living in a Box reveals insights into various living quarters, deserted interiors and everyday experiences.


The drawings by Jesper Christiansen (*1955) reveal the artist’s examination of perspective and his interest in illustrating space and emptiness simultaneously. The background of each work contains a multicolored grid, which almost symbolizes a flag. The image also depicts leafless plants that evoke sad emptiness. These plants blend into the surrounding room and help to characterize the space. Thus, the artist employs an everyday organic form to create a mood of loneliness. Jesper Christiansen lives and works in Copenhagen.


Shara Hughes (*1982) draws interiors that bear a certain resemblance to still lifes. The perspective of space is distorted making a void visible and prominent, while the space itself appears as a minor compliment to the void. Although they are deserted, the interiors convey a lively atmosphere. The viewer notices a burning light, a table that has been set, as well as a hanging paperchain all of which point to an event that has recently occurred or will occur in the future. Hughes portrays space through objects by letting their forms tell stories, creating a unique atmosphere and a specific sense of place. This is Shara Hughes’ first exhibition in Berlin. She lives and works in New York.


In the drawings of Eddie Martinez (*1977) we are presented with a fragmented, melancholic take on modern existence where life is inscribed in a historical frame side by side with the accomplishments of ancient Egypt. His fantastic spaces create a narrative among flowerpots, plants, animals and figures. His pieces present a gathering of recurring characters, objects and motives, which humorously transform everyday life into chaotic and exhilarating scenes. Martinez lives and works in New York.