Prototypes (Shelter)

13.09 – 19.10.2002

The exhibition Prototypes contains four works, which all are prototypes for a modular system. The prototypes are largely considered a developement of the artist’s earlier 'shelters', and from 'Settlement': The installation that Søren Jensen exhibited at Overgaden in the year 2000.


His new work, like the earlier work, focuses on the spatial and funktional relations between the sculptural and the architectural. The works are neither sculpture nor architecture, even though their choice of materials and dimensions refer to both categories.The prototypes are a spatial and functional praxis with a very high degree of 'openess'. This way the four modules can be combined in more than 40 different ways.


In the exhibition at Galerie Mikael Andersen Søren Jensen has selected two of these possibilities. The remaining combinations are inherent in the work as possibilities, and is contributing to this 'openess'. The prototypes do not point to one spatial and functional appearance, but on a series of possibilities which has not been layed out.


The exhibition only shows one possibility among many others, and this is not necessarily the right one or the best.The protypes are 'open' useable constructions that has no been determined functionally yet. This is handed over to the spectator, who either through imagination or concrete use is a part in creating the content of the work.