group show


09.12 – 13.01.2017


Galerie Mikael Andersen would like to welcome you to the opening of this year’s Christmas exhibition KUNST & KRUKKER (POTS & PAINTINGS) with works by the gallery’s artists and a selection of West Germany vases from the private collections of Mette Petri and Bertel Bjerre, Saturday 10 December, 2016, 1-4pm.


The term ‘West Germany’ comprises the large production of ceramics in West Germany from the early 1950s to the late 1970s. After the huge devastation of the Second World War the Marshall Plan sparked the industrial production in Germany, where a number of ceramics factories launched a mass production of vases.

The design of the West Germany vases can, among other influences, be traced back to the Bauhaus School of 1920s Germany and are characterised by their expressive colours, spectacular shapes and experimental glazes. Even though the materials used were not of a very high quality, the moulded vases got their unique appearance by being hand painted. When the psychedelic style of the 1970s faded, the interest decreased and the vases were simply thrown out or sold for a few marks. They were now considered ugly and out-dated.


During the last 10-15 years, the West Germany vases have regained their popularity and have become collector’s items both in Denmark and abroad. The so-called Fat Lava vases, known for their distinctive layer of thick glaze that give the surface a lava like quality, are especially sought after today. By combining a number of examples in different shapes, sizes and colours, the vases, though isolated appearing perhaps clumsy and unsightly, gain a sculptural quality and a unique aesthetic.


The exhibition POTS & PAINTINGS is curated by artist Mette Petri and designer Bertel Bjerre. They present a selection of their West Germany vases in dialogue with works by Tom Anholt, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Jesper Christiansen, Erik A. Frandsen, Mette Petri and Kristian Touborg.

Photo credits: Jan Søndergaard