Tal R

Dingle Berries

28.04 – 04.06.2000

Tal R (b. 1967) is a painter of staggeringly straightforward pictures. Evoking the spontaneity and color use of children's drawings, they radiate energy. As Tal R describes his work, "The story is central. It doesn't have to be a complicated, intellectual story. I'm a suburban boy and often tell utterly banal, simple stories." These paintings, providing no correct answers or high ideals about content, spring from and feed off the artist's immediate surroundings and experiences. Tal R belongs to the new generation of artists who started marking their mark in the mid-1990s after a period that heard a lot of talk about the death of painting. Assuming that was a fitting choice of words, one might say with equal certainty that Tal R in the last few years has helped revive painting and put it back in focus.