Lise Blomberg Andersen, Sabina Mlejnek & Kathrine Ærtebjerg

Ecco of the Eye

18.01 – 22.02.2003

The exhibition Ecco of the Eye shows a series of paintings that point in a new direction. On display will be three young artists with different approaches to the narrative and figurative painting. As a whole the exhibition is a introduction to feminine universe, a universe where female identity is treated, somewhere between dream, reality, imagination and forfeiture.


Lise Blomberg Andersen presents a world in which nature takes a very central placement. Some locations causes intimacy, and others a threatening frame which insinuate that all is not how it is supposed to be. The paintings are often done with a starting point in collages of collected imagery of strange people and objects. In the painting these elements are transformed, so they appear as an expression of the personal universe of the artist.


Sabina Mlejnek literally presents the viewer with a look into her own private universe. The paintings represent the artists point of view in very concrete situations. This way they are an expert of the artists body in various surroundings, things which observed from this angle under normal circumstances are reserved for the artist. The investigation deals with the field between subjectivity and objectivity, and with female constructions of identity.


In Kathrine Ærtebjergs painting we are to some degree turned away from naturalistic painting. The human or female figures that appear in the paintings, are placed in a fairytale world which seems inspired by the most abstract manga style cartoons. Here we see giant flowers and phallic elements, and in combination with the not so discrete use of colour, the paintings point toward sexuality and the body. At the same time fragility is present, which seems to express insecurity about fixed place and identity.