group show


11.12 – 18.01.2013

Tom Anholt; Jens Birkemose; Fritz Bornstück; Jesper Christiansen; Kristian Devantier; Sonja Ferlov Mancoba; Günther Förg; Leonard Forslund; Erik A. Frandsen; Mogens Gissel; Gregor Gleiwitz; Philip Grözinger; Signe Guttormsen; Shara Hughes; Eske Kath; Wonga Mancoba; Lars Nørgård; Julia Oschatz; Lucy Teasdale; Malte Urbschat; Kathrine Ærtebjerg


Billedstorm is the Danish word for Iconoclasm, literary meaning Image Storm, in the meaning a storm or assault on images. In this way the exhibition can be said to be an inverted image storm, where the gallery has been filled with images showing a wide variety of media and expressions. Iconoclasm, or storm on images, is the destruction of images as the result of a conflict. In Denmark iconoclasm took place after the Protestant Reformation where the mural decorations in churches were whitewashed, as the imagery was understood as being catholic. Unlike the image storm after the protestant reformation, the exhibition is a storm of images, a hurricane of different images mixed together creating new meanings and histories between the images. The images of the exhibition are far from ruined by this process, but do undergo a transformation through the close and unthematic hanging.