Twenty Years of Boring Drawings

07.03 – 16.04.2003

The exhibition is retrospective and shows cuts through the entire production of drawings through twenty years - from 1983 to 2003. The drawings have very different character: Some have a finished, very independent work character, while others are improvisations, rehearsals or thoughts. Others again are sketches or studies for works realized later. The motives are known from Jesper Christiansens work: There are space drawings, wall drawings, letter drawings, plant drawings, window drawings, word drawings, and finally drawings which just are themselves.


Christiansen has always been interested in these kinds of 'impure situations', as he calls them, where everything in the picture is floating and apparently going somewhere. The words simulate movement - in content as well as in the painted illusion - and by this the pictures place themselves in a grey area between abstraction and figure.

  In the exhibition we show a series of works placed between poem and painting. Paintings in which words are as loose as the colors. The words are combined with shapes and colors are combined with words: 'Flat words cause effects, perspective words are conditions of sound'