Lars Nørgård / Fritz Borstück

Die korrekte verwendung von seife / Bait 'n Tackle

07.09 – 19.10.2012


The Danish artist Lars Nørgård (*1956) has during the last ten years mainly created abstract paintings in which complex compositions of colorful fragments and structures dominated the canvases. These abstract paintings have been accompanied by a constant production of simple, bizarre half figurative drawings. In his latest paintings, the artist has once again taken up these figurative elements. In Galerie Mikael Andersen Berlin Nørgård shows new, large scale oil paintings alongside a selection of his small drawings. On these new canvases figures arise from and merge with abstract structures through syntheses of forms and colors. Certain objects and characters such as the baboon, Nørgård’s Alter Ego, reappear and invite the visitor to explore the interrelations between the works.


A change is also visible in the new works of the young German artist FRITZ BORNSTÜCK (*1982). After thickly painted but never pathos-ridden oil paintings, in which stories about suburban depraved comic book universes and romantic under sea still lives full of „trashures“ were told, we reach the surface again. In his new paintings and collages, Bornstück destructs the surface. Thinner, radiating layers of paint are combined with pastose marks and scribbly gestures. In the collages, the charm of found photos gets opposed and united with the compressed beauty of advertising photography. After a two year residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, Bornstück has gone fishing for a balance between coincidence and the given and thus continues the story from the past exhibitions in a formally wider language. Bait 'n Tackle – being attracted and pulled in and being put off at the same time, is the theme of these new works presented.