Void Garden

22.09 – 29.10.2005

The paintings of Void Garden all take their point of departure in photographs of parks and gardens, which Forslund has visited during his travels.Thematically the paintings of 'Void Garden' concentrate on the void, a void Forslund describes in these lines:

”Travelling through a painting is like travelling through a richly nuanced void, i.e. a complex self-contradiction. The void is a real abyss, created by our perception of the painting, which is in analogy with the void the sky creates in our eyes during a journey - the void as contrast to where ever you are. Through the colour of the sky the void acquires a tone, a reflection in your eye, which echoes inside you. And thus through the paintings depiction, its echoing disguise, is created a travesty of the void.


”Many of the paintings of 'Void Garden' posses a certain relief-like character, where the contours of the motive emerges from the colour-saturated monochromic backlight. Thus Forslund accentuates how the ever-changing light and colour of the sky (the void) is a key factor in both creating and changing mans perception of his surroundings. By the use of photographs as sources for the paintings of 'Void Garden', Forslund endeavours to emphasize the void and the distance inherent in the human subjects symbolic and sign-based experience of things. And by inserting a mirror image or reflection in the motives themselves, he ads yet another facet to this theme.