Sebastian Dacey

Picnic in Paradise

24.10 – 29.11.2008

There seems to be something not in keeping with time about Sebastian Dacey’s paintings, or maybe about Dacey himself. At any rate his works seem wise, in the most shimmering meaning of the word, and as such not to be connected with a painter of only 26 years.


The paintings all bear the same title: Untitled. They represent a contrast to the narrative painting of recent years. Dacey’s paintings do not tell, they are, in a sense, what they are.


The works are situated somewhere between figuration and abstraction and never seem to settle in either category. Maybe that’s the point or rather the point is probably that there isn’t one – just paintings.


The compositions are colourful. Shapes bend, stretch, remove themselves from one another or heap together in a cluster. The works seem unruly and wild in their performative energy and seem to point to the making of the paintings as the essence and the works as a kind of physical evidence of this artistic gesture.


Dacey has made all paintings in the show in the gallery’s studio house in Vejby Strand.


Sebastian Dacey (*1982) has studied at Akademie der Bildende Künste in Munich with Professors Nikolaus Lang and Günther Förg. He graduated in 2008 and now lives and works in Berlin.