The Wandering Woman’s Momentum

02.11 – 08.12.2012

Galerie Mikael Andersen is proud to present Elisabeth Toubro’s solo exhibition, The Wandering Woman’s Momentum. The exhibition features brand new photographic and installation pieces and is the first time that Toubro has utilised photography as a central element in an exhibition. However, the use of photography is not the only new feature as Toubro explores new and adventurous themes. Without hesitation she has thrown herself into the big questions of our existence, faith, solidarity, gender roles and the relation of art to these areas.


The exhibition features a lengthy frieze of photographic images of a wandering figure visiting various locations. The visits or hikes take the form of an artistic performance whereby the figure is continuously transformed through interactions with the environments. The final place the figure visits is the gallery itself. A series of photographs from this visit documents the construction of the spatial installation that dominates the exhibition.


The featured locations are all places with powerful symbolic significance, such as Grundtvig’s Church and Solidaritetshuset (Solidarity House) in Nørrebro. The Wandering Woman’s Momentum thus brings together a wide variety of themes and grants them a space for artistic expression and interpretation. However, the exhibition also strives to reveal conflicts between art and subjects such as faith and gender, rather than just uniting them. Through these clashes, an appreciation of art’s contribution to these issues and how they affect each other emerges but there is also a constant vein of scepticism running throughout. This scepticism can be seen through the thinly veiled ironic manner in which works seem to caricaturise the artistic treatment of the exhibition’s political and philosophical issues.


The direct inclusion of themes such as religion, gender and existence is a new feature of Elisabeth Toubro’s art but elements from her past work still remain. Toubro’s art has often examined how various signs and symbols interact within a fragmented era in which meanings and messages cannot be defined as separate entities. How are messages created; and is it possible to create anything of significance when everything is disputed? This discussion persists as a central theme in The Wandering Woman’s Momentum.


Elisabeth Toubro graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 and swiftly established herself within the art scene as one of several young and “cool” postmodern sculptors. Toubro is famous for her large scale public artworks, such as Byfraktal (City Fractal; 2000) in Søren Kirkegaards Plads, Copenhagen and Torvenes Brøndsløjfe (Looping Well in the Square; 2003) in St. Torv, Aarhus.