group show

Alles Wasser

07.06 – 10.08.2013


The exhibition presents a diverse composition of contemporary artists from both Denmark and abroad along with masterpieces from the 17th century by Bonaventure Peeters, Jan Procellis and Wouter Knijff from the SØR Rusche collection Oelde / Berlin. The title, Alles Wasser, gathers the different expressions, positions and content of the works, all of which relate to the theme of water, into a united exhibition.


Water has always played a central role in mythology, perhaps precisely because it is necessary for all life on earth. Water is one of the cornerstones of the element teachings in Ancient Greece, water is among the Celts three basic elements and the Chinese five basic elements. In the Bible the Flood was devastating, Moses could divide the water, Jesus could walk on water and the church baptizes newcomers with water.


Although we now know the chemical formula H2O, water is still an uncontrollable element surrounded with much mystery. This mystery and fascination has been visualized in art history by many artists in different ways. The works of art in Alles Wasser shows this diverse approach to the subject in particular. For instance Sebastiaan Gräfe has made a video installation on the floor where feet are wandering through the water edge and on the walls paintings are displaying waves, shipwrecks, interpretations of water and endless amounts of water. Steve Schepens has quite specifically made an installation that is a water bowl with a small goldfish in and photographic works captures a snapshot of an element in constant motion. The bronze sculpture by Lucy Teasdale, Out of the water, shows how elegant a heavy substance can be materialized into a simple notion of water.


Alles Wasser is curated by the German artist Philip Grözinger, who has invited selected contemporary artists to participate in dialogue with some of the 17th century masterpieces from the SØR Rusche Collection Oelde / Berlin.


The participating artists are Christian Achenbach, Tom Anholt, Olivia Berckemeyer, BEZA, Fritz Bornstück, Manuele Cerutti, Jesper Christiansen, DAG, Roger Eberhard, Marcus Eek, Carsten Fock, Leonard Forslund, Henrik Freiberg, Axel Geis, Andreas Golder, Sebastian Gräfe, Thorleif Griess-Nega, Amelie Grözinger, Philip Grözinger, Signe Guttormsen, Jens Hausmann, Katrin Heichel, Emil Westman Hertz, Tilman Hornig, Søren Jensen, Eske Kath, Ruprecht von Kaufmann, Henning Kles, Wouter Knijff, Karsten Konrad, Jochen Köhn, Peter Kröning, Adrian Lohmüller, Jorge Lopes, Ekaterina Mitichkina, Claus Hugo Nielsen, Lars Nørgård, Julia Oschatz, Igor Paasch, Bonaventura Peeters, Jan Porcellis, Steve Schepens, Moritz Schleime, Sebastiaan Schlicher, Lucy Teasdale, Kathrin Thiele, Shonah Trescott.