Inhaling Human Suffering, Exhaling Well being

02.03 – 08.04.2001

FOS (f. 1971) graduated from The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 and has since produced a series of exhibitions, that has had the purpose to investigate, how architectural and social surroundings are determinating human behaviour. By the means of what FOS calls re-design, he has created new platforms for communication, interaction and reaction across the previous frames.


In Galerie Mikael Andersen FOS is working with the room of the gallery of fine arts as a specific architectural and social frame. He is working with the spand between our personal expectations and what he calls 'M.I.T. = market, information and technology. ' The exhibition at Galerie Mikael Andersen is connected with a simultaneous exhibition in Århus, Art-box, where other aspects of FOS' work is displayed.The exhibition was opened with a performance, 'coffeebody', where FOS together with the band Düreforsög performed with music and video.There has been published a catalogue in connection with the exhibition.