Leonard Forslund - New Paintings & Mogens Andersen - New Drawings

19.04 – 25.05.2002

Galerie Mikael Andersen shows a series of new paintings in the front room by Leonard Forslund. The five paintings is a Andrea Mantegna-suite. Literally. The painterly starting point is the picture series by Mantegna which shows the triumphal procession og Caesar.


Forlsund has picked details from here, as if looking for holes, entrances or exits, through which Forlsund has been able to bring his own paintings to light. The groups of figure from Mantegnas triumphal procession was drawn thoroughly at first, and then washed and scraped off, mutilated. The contours are sharp as razors, but the painted surface changes from being a distorted representation, in which a face is dimly seen, to being an abstract painting. The functional, precise painting of the delicate renessance painter is in outbreak. An the abstract and very painterly elements goes astonishingly well with the memory of the tight fragility of Mantegna.


Figures are also to be seen in the back room. Here a series of delicate drawings by Mogens Andersen is on display. The oldest are dated back to the 1940's. They are all black & white, done in charcoal, crayon and tusch. It is very charcteristic for the work of Mogens Andersen in this period, that he leans more towards the figurative than the later so well known swung. graphical forms. In these you clearly see the inspiration from Mogens Andersens great role models from this time: Picasso, Braque and Matisse, but also from a coleague like Pierre Soulages. It may not be put very precisely, but these drawings really contain the quality of drawing.