Rainbow Walk

10.01 – 15.02.2014


This exhibition presents a series of new paintings by Anholt that undulate between abstraction and figuration. His works depict dreamy landscapes and subtly warped buildings inhabited by characterful figures. From a formal perspective, the artist’s compelling compositions divulge Anholt’s concern with the quality of the painting’s surface, which he creates using several layers of paint.


The artist’s method, his physical adding and removal of paint, give the works a sumptuously textured surface. The subject of the paintings and the consequent environments created in the works derive from the artist’s memories and imagination, while at the same time carrying physical traces of the artist’s hand.


The exhibition’s title Rainbow Walk refers to the artist’s continual development and transformation; Anholt is constantly evolving his study of paint from one work to the next, which the artist describes as being connected ‘with a multi coloured ball of string’. The title also refers to the journey the viewer takes moving through the gallery space from one painting to the next.


Tom Anholt (b. 1987) is a young British artist currently living and working in Berlin. He has a BA in fine arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design, London. Anholt has exhibited primarily in Germany and the UK. His painting style reveals inspiration from traditional British painting as well as the contemporary German art scene.

Photo credits: Jan Søndergaard