group show


06.06 – 06.08.2003

Curated by Søren Jensen.

The exhibition entitled Product is a different exhibition of art. It transforms the well known 'white cube' into a 'shop', and offers a new perspective on the relationship between art as commodity and commodity as art.


'Product' focuses on the kind of art that has recognized it self as commodity, and in various degrees realizes this role. The exhibition is a reflexion on how art can enter an institutional context, and carry the institution into this process of transformation. Through a rough selection and staging the best and worst is brought out of the works of art. No one can be certain whether it is a gallery they have entered, or to which line of trade the art belongs.


In the exhibition you can among other things see the following:

•    Ingvar Cronhammer - prototype on a chair in a solid material

•    Jesper Christiansen - practical box of cookies

•    Anja Franke - water dispenser with a blanket

•    Bjørn Poulsen - the finest orange bowl in Denmark

•    Klaus Thejll Jakobsen - mekka for the felloe fetichist

•    Milena Bonifacini - painterly forms

•    Søren Jensen - what all institutions of art need: a sunblind