​Mogens Andersen

17.08 – 23.09.2000

Mogens Andersen (1916) has close connections to modern french painting. In 1945 he went to Paris to live. Here he visited his great ideals, Braque and Matisse. In Paris he soon got aquinted with the parisian artscene, and got a number of friends, among them Pierre Soulages, with whom he shares a number of artistic features.Mogens Andersens paintings are characterized by the black or dark ornament on a light background. The dark, complex drawing is used to reenforce the light ind the sparsome used colors.


Mogens Andersen lost his vision in 1999 and is therefore no longer active as a painter. Instead Mogens Andersen has assisted in selecting 7 monumental works from his large production; works that spands from his participation in the Venice Biennial in 1968 to his last large works from the end of the nineties. Mogens Andersen is represented at all the major Danish art museums.