Tjorg Douglas Beer, Bertel Bjerre, Fritz Bornstück & Günther Förg


02.12 – 13.01.2024

Installation view of works by Tjorg Douglas Beer
Installation view of works by Fritz Bornstück
Installation view of works by Günther Förg
Installation view of works by Bertel Bjerre

Galerie Mikael Andersen is pleased to welcome you to the opening of the exhibition Ceramics with works by Tjorg Douglas Beer, Bertel Bjerre, Fritz Bornstück and Günther Förg, Saturday 2 December 2023, 13:00 – 16:00.

In Tjorg Douglas Beer’s latest works he draws on the shape of the human head, but in two distinct versions. One resembles an actual head, while the other is an open head, which makes the shape look like a vase. The open head for Beer resembles a connection between the mind and the universe. At the same time, he plays with the decorative character of ceramics in general. The heads are stamped with objects Beer found. The titles of the sculptures are taken from letter / number combinations he stamped onto the ceramics.

Bertel Bjerre was originally trained as a craftsman/designer from the School of Applied Arts in Copenhagen. Over the years and after studies in Pientrasanta in northern Italy, he has worked with sculpture and later with painting. Bertel Bjerre lives and works in Vejby in the northern part of Zealand with direct access to Kattegat where nature, the constant changes in weather, light, trees, and seasons are a great source of inspiration. He works primarily with clay and acrylic on paper and his artistic approach bridges between design and nature.

Fritz Bornstück’s mundane objects, for instance an oil barrel, a bird, or a fire extinguisher, are the protagonists in his works. Undeniably playful, Bornstück’s ceramics also display an uncanny sense of abandonment, inviting the viewer to get lost in the past, present and possible futures. His inventive works – both sombre and humorous – are full of references to popular culture as well as traditions of still life and landscape painting, thus engaging in a formal discussion to produce a dynamic aesthetic friction.

Günther Förg was one of the most significant and prolific German artists of the post-war generation, and his diverse oeuvre spans multiple disciplines. During the 90’s and 00’s, Günther Förg exhibited several times at Galerie Mikael Andersen and participated in large exhibitions at Charlottenborg and Clausholm Castle. The exhibition shows a selection of Förg’s ceramics – many of them executed in Denmark or for shows in Denmark.

For more information on the exhibition and for press photographs please contact the gallery on tel. 33 33 05 12 or email: The exhibition ends 13 January 2024. Daily opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 12-18, Saturday 11-15.