group show

Art on Paper

17.03 – 21.04.2018


Tom Anholt, Kathrine Ærtebjerg, Olafur Eliasson, Jesper Christiansen, Günther Förg, Robert Lucander, Signe Guttormsen, Kristian Touborg, Eddie Martinez, Leiko Ikemura, Bernd Koberling, Martin Kippenberger, Luzia Simons, Moshekwa Langa

Art on Paper presents a wide variety of artworks on paper: photographs, drawings, etchings, watercolours, collages etc. by a number of artists represented by Galerie Mikael Andersen alongside other artists that the gallery has worked with throughout the years.

Eddie Martinez’s small ballpoint pen drawings and Jesper Christiansen’s large painting on paper as well as the vibrant gouaches of Shara Hughes and Tom Anholt all work with paper as a classical medium. Signe Guttormsen’s collages of found pieces of paper, envelopes etc. take a more concrete approach to paper as an everyday material, encompassing a range of different connotations. The works in the show, from slick photographs to coloured etchings to delicate watercolours, all explore the multitude of possibilities contained in a simple piece of paper.

Image: Tom Anholt, Glove, 2017, oil on paper, 40.5 x 45.5 cm