Studio House

Studio House in Vejby Strand


The house was conceived as a place for artists wishing to find a respite from daily life or those seeking peace to work on a project. Gallery owner Mikael Andersen commissioned Henning Larsens Tegnestue to design a house with a maximum of 100 square meters of floor space. It was to be planned as a normal summer residence and include a 40 square meter studio, which could be separated from the rest of the house.

The property is in the second row from the coast, in a small hollow with a few meters fall towards the south. A perfect place for sitting outside, sheltered from the wind, and enjoying the warm summer sun.

The house is planned as one large space. In the center there is a core with four sliding doors that can subdivide the house into four rooms: A studio, living room, entry and kitchen. The house can be seen as a large pipe, closed at the northern end and open toward south. The west facade is closed with shutters that can be opened when the house is in use. When open, the shutters can be locked in place and serve as sun shades.

The studio is located on the north side. The north end wall has high windows. A low band of windows in the same wall throws a low light on the surface of the studio floor. The side lighting is from the west through two floor-to-ceiling windows.

Construction year: 1999-2000
Architect: Henning Larsens Tegnestue A/S
Engineer: Anders Christensen
Landscape architect: Henrik Andersen
Text by Peer Teglgaard Jeppesen (Head architect)

Photo credits: Jan Søndergaard