Elisabeth Toubro, Jesper Rasmussen & Leonard Forslund

3 on View

24.04 – 30.05.2004

The Exhibition 3 on View presents the three artists Elisabeth Toubro, Jesper Rasmussen and Leonard Forslund.

In the exhibition the artists show a series of works, which at the same time complement and compromise each other. Forslunds imaginary and colourful paintings contrasts Rasmussens tight spatial composition, while Toubros organic objects vibrate from life.


Elisabeth Toubro shows two sculptures, which in different ways represent her early and later production. Hommage á Donald Judd from 1987 reflect her take-off in minimal art, while the object Skyglobal from 2001 shows her interest in the creation of light transcendent constructions.


Jesper Rasmussen exhibits a series of photos which stages different spaces. The series shows how a spatial construction also is a constructed perspective. One can says that Rasmussen exhibits the perspective of the gaze, and focuses on the observers sovereign gaze.


Leonard Forslund presents 5 new paintings entitled Globe Blots. The paintings stages literally a reconstruction of our world map. The artist has reorganized the countries in new highly subjective continents, and focused on the delicate figures and shapes that emerges.