Renaissance Paintings

26.09 – 01.11.2003

It is a great joy to be able to open this new exhibition with works by Günther Förg. The works are all done during Förgs stay in the new studiohouse in Vejby Strand, designed by Henning Larsen.


The exhibition is entitled Renaissance Paintings, and this title refers to the colouring used in this series: literally Förg has chosen to use a palette of colours that was typical for the images of the renaissance. Besides a series of large paintings, some of the studies for the work are on display. These studies are painted on wooden panels, and gives the visitor an insight into the working process of the artist.


This exhibition expresses, as always when it comes to Günther Förg, a sublime balance between the planned and the arbitrary. At first sight the paintings seem systematic and regular, but at closer sight it is obvious that they allow a great space for accidental interventions.We are very much looking forward to showing this supreme aesthete.