New Works

01.02 – 10.03.2007

It’s very simple: One makes an intervention. One sizes up the space and considers which possibilities it offers and eventually one makes use of one of them. It’s always these small things and coincidences that determine the work.


-Günther Förg


The exhibition presents a recent series of large paintings, that each unfolds as a poetic exploration of space. Günther Förg’s new works evoke memories of both modern American action-painting and French impressionism. The memory of Jackson Pollock’s inspired drip-paintings or Monet’s reflections of light and play of colours is not remote, even though Förg share neither Pollock’s chaos nor Monet’s quiet, contemplative world.


The works of the exhibition are results of the instinctive meeting between the artist and space. They are fast, almost transient and liberatingly carefree in their character. Clear, bright colours oscillate dynamically with darker tones. A flickering tension between depth and foreground, colour and emptiness creates the light poetry of the works.