Kristian Devantier / Elmar Vestner

Land of Drawing - Land der zeichnunge / Remains of the Day

05.02 – 27.03.2010

In his new show Land of Drawing - Land der zeichnungen the Danish artist Kristian Devantier (born 1971) shows one hundred drawings on DIN A4 paper. Various stories and incidents are told in a simplified, almost stylised manner. Figures and objects, people and things are placed next to each other in highly contrasting colours. The stylisation is taken just to the point that the story is still recognizable.


Kristian Devantier deals with subjects revolving around inter-personal relationships such as love, sexuality but also the human being as a thinking and feeling being with the potential to act. The impersonal physiognomy in the drawings invites the viewer to place himself into the scenes and to participate in the portrayed actions.

Kristian Devantier lives and works in Copenhagen.


In his exhibition Remains of the Day, the Berlin-based artist Elmar Vestner (born 1975) experiments with various forms and conditions of dispersion and erasure. Materiality and haptic perception are at the core of his creative process for the objects and paintings. Violence and a refined sensibility meet in his works. The act of destruction by sanding or burning surfaces attests on the one hand to a certain brutality, however the act of adding and removing paint shows a kind of sensuality.


The process of disappearing, the ambivalence and the juxtaposition of adding and removing, of creating and destroying, of masking and decay are central to the work of Elmar Vestner not only in his sculptural works but also in his photographs and paintings.

Elmar Vestner lives and works in Berlin.


The exhibition of these two artists who seem so different at first glance emphasises portrayals of human intimacy and inter-personal relationships.