The Paradise Observatory

21.04 – 20.05.2006

The exhibition The Paradise Observatory presents new works by Danish sculptor Elisabeth Toubro. Elisabeth Toubro often uses complicated forms and untraditional materials in her works. Her installations and sculptures vibrates between abstraction and highly specific contents, and they involve a sensuous as well as a more intelligible experience.


Her sculptures are heterogeneous, i.e. she regards the form as points of varying intensity. This entails that the work is not to be pieced together and understood in one gaze, but rather read like a narrative. That is to say we physically move around the sculpture, discovering the irregular surface. This is Toubro's manner of emphasising the significance of time and space to the perception and experience of her sculptures.


Transformation and narration are thus key words in understanding her work. Elisabeth Toubro's sculptures have a strong lyrical component in their many contra- and juxtapositions. Her works are executed in a blend of natural and new, synthetic materials. This significant juxtaposition of highly disparate materials is a recurrent feature of Toubro's sculptures and aids in further complicating their enigmatic expressions.