21.01 – 24.02.2011

For the exhibition ShowRoom, the Danish sculptor Søren Jensen has created a new series of works with inspiration in the Danish writer Per Højholts thoughts on the different aesthetics of show and art.


Where the show contains presence art contains content and meaning. But instead of drawing this distinction Søren Jensen’s works produce both the presence of the show and an opportunity for the formation of content. The works maintain a performative nature for the attention and fascination of the audience, which characterizes the show. At the same time the installations create absurd and humoristic impressions which encourage the beholder to reflect upon the possible content and meaning of the works as art. The works can be said to fail both as performance and as content, as they have no direct function or convey no clear meaning, they seem to be meaningless. But exactly this fail or error becomes a quality.  Søren Jensen (b. 1957) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1986. He is represented at the National Gallery of Art in Copenhagen, Malmö Museum, The Danish National Museum of Photography, Arken Museum of Modern Art and Trapholt Art Museum. Between 1999 and 2006 Soren Jensen was the director of the Funen Art Academy and he has most recently had a solo exhibition Profan at Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding.