Discourse in Translation: A Pragmadialectical Analysis

05.03 – 10.04.2010

Mustafa Maluka is known for theatrically confronting the intersection of contemporary critical theory and global politics with his provocative large-scale portraits. Discourse in Translation: a pragmadialectical analysis is the artist's thirteenth solo exhibition, but his first solo exhibition in Denmark.

Born in 1976, Mustafa Maluka grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, but came of age in Amsterdam, the Netherlands where he studied at De Ateliers postgraduate art institute and the University of Amsterdam. He lives and works between Helsinki and New York.

The title for this exhibition refers to Maluka's characters' experience of the translation of language as social practice. The artist is interested in the study of strategic maneuvers involved with the entirety of argumentation as discourse activity. Mustafa Maluka likens his solo shows to putting on a play. This show thus presents the exploration of an emotional landscape filled with a cast of actors, who like the artist himself live a life in which communicative interaction is mediated by translation.

The faces of his transnational, racially and sexually ambiguous characters are densely painted. He achieves this by building up layers of splashes and washes on the canvas surface alongside bold patterns and forms that determine the mood and overall tone of the works.