Kasper Bonnén

Home Again

05.03 – 17.04.2004

Even though Kaspar Bonnén probably is best known as a painter, the exhibition 'Home again' is a testimony to the artist's ability to work across various media. In this exhibition video, installation, drawing, text and painting are presented side by side. In a way that one is a little wiser after visiting the exhibition. Wiser in regard to his errand in painting as well as installation, and hopefully a little bit wiser regarding the constitution of ones own world.


Since Kaspar Bonnén completed The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999 he has explored the spatial perspective in one room and expressing it in another. An interacting doubleness, in some way. For example, the same motives from private space have again and again been projected and painted onto the canvas. One sphere is drawn into another. And then maybe not, very often more than one spatial perspective is present in the same painting. Instead of showing this very typical private sphere per se, one is left with an attempt to try to read this double perspective, which marks out various sensations. And in a heartbeat one is right back in the intimate private sphere. One is back home again.


Besides 20 new paintings sized 115 x 115 cm. the exhibition is very spatial. In the space you find 3 large tables which all are images in them selves. In one table is a door, and on top of this door a man hiding. Maybe he is hiding from the crack in the door from which light is streaming. In another table lies ceramic imprints of faces, apparently reading the texts located under the glass surface of the table. And in the last table holds a video projection, and shambles of objects made in papier maché.


The many concrete details are in the exhibition is in their various collisions very non-concrete - often they are even ambiguous. It seams as if Kaspar Bonnén wishes to remind us that our experience is very ambiguous. He is whispering that this is very important to us. Like the little man in the invitation card, he is standing in the entire globe and waving a little flag which says that he wants to come home. Back home to the well known.