Word Cluster Paintings

31.08 – 06.10.2001

Gallery Mikael Andersen opens the doors to an exhibition of Jesper Christiansens word paintings. The exhibition will be a return to as well as an developement of the letter painting series, which has been going on from 1993 - 1996. Jesper Christiansens letter paintings has in time become an independant genre in his collected works.


In this new series Christansen is trying, in a more concrete and consistent way, to focus on the relationship between the words and the colours. How do one associate from a colour to a painting? And how do one associate from a word to a painting? If one looks carefully at the paintings one discovers that the words perform in invisible clusters or groups, and it is excactly these mischievous situations that gives the letter paintings a kind of a 'transient authority'.


Christiansen has always been interested in these kinds of 'impure situations', where everything in the painting floats, but apparently is going somewhere anyway. The words simulate movement - in content as well as in the painted illusion - by which it places itself in a grey area between abstract and figurative painting.


In this exhibition a series of works that places themselves between poem and painting. Paintings which focus on the words as well as the colours. The words are combined with shapes, and the colours are combined with words: 'Flat words cause effects, perspective words are conditions of sound'.