group show


06.06 – 07.07.2007

A-kassen, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (KOR/FR), Lasse Schmidt Hansen, Klaus Thejll Jacobsen, Christian Jeppsson, Daniel Milan, Peter Piller (DE), Pind, Torben Ribe The exhibition BLING takes its starting point in the bling-bling of hip-hop with its gold, glitter and surplus of style, power demonstration and show-off.


Bling refers to the imaginary sound that is produced from light reflected by a diamond. In its essence the term refers to the exterior, visual manifestation of one's character. In the tension between inside and outside, form and content, the exhibition presents a meeting between Freudian fetishism, mad man’s bling and objects that are simply good looking. From the portrait of a majestic knight, star heavens made on a photocopying machine and a sculpture of a Louis Vuitton bass drum to paraphrases on the canonized expressions of modern art, images of ammunition for sale at eBay and a levitating alien isolation hat, where even a simple sheet of tin foil becomes bling. BLING is an exhibition where too much of a good thing is not enough but which also takes a critical stand towards the fascination with wealth and status symbols today.