Svend Wiig Hansen


16.03 – 21.04.2007

The exhibition presents works from the 1980’s and forward of the great Danish sculptor and includes a number of works that have never previously been exhibited. Svend Wiig Hansen’s powerful sculptures occupy a special place in Danish art history.


Already in 1953 the artist became widely known for the sculpture Mother Earth, whose voluptuous shapes and exposed sex caused a scandal when they were first revealed outside Århus City Hall. Since then Wiig Hansen’s titanic bodies have entered numerous museum collections and public spaces, latest on Gl. Strand in Copenhagen.


For Svend Wiig Hansen the body became an expression of the anxiety of the modern age. His sculptures are heavy, powerful creatures trapped in a conflicting embrace with the world. The fluctuation between form and dissolution, order and chaos reflects the post-war nightmare under the neat surface – and the combative mind of the artist.