group show

Trip to Denmark

18.09 – 27.10.2007

The exhibition is curated by the German artist Günter Förg and presents works by the young artists Michael Hackel, Emanuel Seitz, Frank Stürmer, Lorenz Straßl, Sebastian Dacey, Isabelle Kurz, Thomas Splett and Daniela Trixl. Through formally experimental paintings, peculiar installations and fleetingly caught photographs the exhibition presents the scope of art. It spots the newest talents and simultaneously gives a unique insight into the current trends and tendencies on the German art scene.


Frank Stürmers vibrant and colour saturated snapshot photographs depict scenes from the hectic and throbbing street life of the modern city. The pictures have been taken on trips to Moscow, London, Paris, Madrid and Bukarest and hereby function as a kind of visual travel account or personal fragments of remembrance. Also included in the exhibition is Emanuel Seitz whose impasto-like oil paintings pendulate between figuration and abstraction. With their sensuous layers and accumulations of paint the paintings create a visually fascinating pictorial universe that contains both recognizable elements in the form of light bulbs, moons and starry skies and more abstract picture compositions that set free the imagination and make possible an otherwise open and poetic interpretation. Michael Hackel also explores the the possibilities of the painterly media in his playful and freely devised paintings, whereas the young artist Lorenz Straßl presents a series of lively and unpredictable installations that involve the beholder and the surrounding space in various absurd and thought provoking situations.