28.04 – 22.07.2011


At the centre of the exhibition stands an installation made out of cardboard boxes, which have been assembled into a head-like form. The white boxes form a type of giant mask, which is accessible to the visitors via the throat. Inside, the new video “Teleskopf” is screened, which is largely comprised of shots of the artist performing on an empty, black stage wearing various masks. The masks transform the coordinates of the body and inhibit a definitive reading of the figure, who remains faceless.


The video installation „Sabi“ comprises many screens on which a single video is shown. The dismemberment of the moving image into single pieces of a puzzle and the mixed up order of the monitors underscore an atmosphere of doom and point form the interior virtual space of the video to the exterior reality of the viewer. The series of works on canvas, which bear the same name, show various map-like scenarios. The figure whose head the viewer entered and who stood as a potential projection screen in the video now appears in miniature, of miniscule importance, on the surface of each picture. The bird’s eye view of the devastated, desolate or flooded landscapes refers to the recent images of Japan on the news.


Julia Oschatz does not consider herself a painter; she adds materials like matches, branches or soapstone to a surface and binds them together with patches and strokes of colour. A transparent, glossy coat of poured resin is laid like glass over the scenery, freezing and hardening the moment of the catastrophe.


Julia Oschatz lives and works in Berlin.