Morten Stræde


21.04 – 27.05.2001

The title of the exhibition Riverrun stems from the famous novel 'Finnegans Wake' by James Joyce. The word Riverrun marks the beginning and the end of the novel, a novel which is actually not having any beginning or ending.


Both for Joyce and Stræde the word is merely a marker of a frame in which a number of more or less interrelated narratives flows, all pointing towards a human center, a center which they don't define but only reflects. The sculptures have titles like Lovestreams, Mudflow, Windfall, titles that is reminding us of the discourse of our culture, constantly transforming nature into images. They also point at certain ideas and functions of the visual language of Morten Stræde. The exhibition presents 10 new sculptures.


Morten Stræde (1956-) studied 1978 - 87 at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen by Sven Dalsgaard and Hein Heinsen. He broke through at the exhibition "Inertia, min elskede" (Inertia, my Love) at the Gallery Sub-Set in 1983. Since 1994 Morten Stræde has been professor in sculpture at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen.The exhibition is presented with a catalogue with text by art historian Mikkel Bogh. The exhibition is a result of a collaboration with the Bornholms Kunstmuseum, Denmark.