Ole Broager

New works

21.01 – 26.02.2005

It is with great pleasure that we on January 21st are opening the exhibition entitled New works by Ole Broager. The exhibition presents five new sculptures by the artist, which in November last year was honoured for his work with the prestigious Carl Nielsen & Anne Marie Carl-Nielsens award.


Ole Broager is a sculptor in the literal sense of the word. His sculptures are images unfolded in space. Images with a body, so to speak. The body plays a carnival role with Broager, but not in the classical sense. Its needs and relationship to other bodies are crucial for Broager, when he lets elementary undertones of humour, sexuality, politics and history penetrates his work. Like his sculptures Broagers 'imagery' is immediately comprehensive, at times almost naive in their expression. Yet at the same time they are deep and poetic. The mixture of materials such as wood, plaster, iron and objects ads a particular dynamics to his sculptures, almost a personal language.


As the artist Thomas Bang express it:'Broager is a figurative sculptor, everybody can see that. But in his case it is a very characteristic kind of figuration. A shoal of figures, odd creatures and objects, dipped in the ink bottle of fairy tales and equipped with Pinter-like imagelines, which are as piercing on the exhibition floor as on the stage of the theatre. 'Ole Broagers 'New Works' stages on Galerie Mikael Andersen five different tales from our homely sphere. The tales lines up a series of the conflicts that marks our safe lives. With the cliché about 'The Danish' - for instance the stork carved in wood - this is visualised to the rest of the world.