​Øivind Nygård

Folded : 5 Sculptures

19.01 – 25.02.2001

Øivind Nygård (b. 1948 in Norway) is a student of Willy Ørskov, and belongs to the group of 'cool' sculptors, that graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the beginning of the eighties.

Øivind Nygård incorporates a sort of inertia in his sculptures. This inertia underlines the resistant secret, that the works seem to guard. Øivind Nygårds works are often composed in a stringent and simple idiom. An idiom, that, in spite of its apparent simpleness, consists of highly complex structures. The sculptures points on several levels outwards and inwards to themselves, but at the same time they reject any attempt to connect all lines to one single meaning.

The exhibition will present five all new sculptures: •    Boy on Circle shooting Boy on Square shooting Boy on Circle  •    Sølvsjø (The Construction of a Natural Disaster)  •    Indfoldet  •    Broken Heart Monument. MM.  •    Model til et Museum for Katastrofer