group show


26.02 – 07.05.2016


Aboudia, Tom Anholt, Barka, Fritz Bornstück, Leonard Forslund, Günther Förg, Poul Gernes, Moshekwa Langa, Robert Lucander, Lucy Teasdale, Maki Ueda


Galerie Mikael Andersen welcomes the spring and shows a colourful presentation of paintings and sculptures by a number of the gallery’s artists.


The show mixes a wide variation of artistic expressions and tries to spark a new artistic conversation between very different works.


Tom Anholt’s og Fritz Bornstück’s large canvases both show colourful forest landscapes hiding strange stories while the colours in Günther Förg’s and Moshekwa Langa’s abstract paintings enter into a dialogue with nature through their lines and shapes.


With its almost rough form Lucy Teasdale’s monumental, red sculpture is contrasted by Maki Uedas fluffy fabric sculptures while the hustle and bustle of big city life is expressed very differently in the paintings of Aboudia and Barka.